CVYO is home to 4 orchestras, each an integral part of the development of our young musicians

Youth Strings

Ranging in size from 60 to 90 players, this string orchestra is where most string players begin their orchestral journey. Students learn how to play successfully as an ensemble and study the nuance, technique, and etiquette required to tackle intermediate symphonic repertoire. Some Youth Strings players participate in the Flore Ensemble, comprised of the more seasoned players preparing to move into the Preparatory Orchestra.

Preparatory Orchestra

This full symphonic orchestra is home to experienced string, wind, brass, and percussion players. Ranging in size from 60 to 80 players, they learn how to blend the many layers of a symphonic orchestra and hone their technical and expressive abilities by studying intermediate and standard symphonic repertoire.

Symphony Orchestra

This fully symphonic orchestra is home to the most experienced string, wind, brass, and percussion players in our program, and is the flagship ensemble of the organization. Ranging in size from 70 to 90 players, they tackle some of the largest and most significant symphonic works across all of music literature from Brahms to Bruckner to Mussorgsky to Debussy.


Virtuosi is a chamber orchestra comprised primarily of the principal players of the Symphony Orchestra. Virtuosi gives the musicians that are focused on refining their craft above and beyond their peers a place to tackle even more challenging repertoire. Virtuosi boasts its own performance schedule with 3 additional concerts, performs mostly conductorless, and will often host renowned guest artists that play alongside the students in the orchestra or in chamber music.