April 27th 2023


APRIL 29TH 2024

To all the young musicians in our community: YOU ARE INVITED!

Join us for an afternoon and evening of symphonic music and hangout time with the teachers and directors of our community.

Come for rehearsal and stay for our pizza social after each orchestra rehearses!

Rehearsals at
Godspeak Church
320 Via Las Brisas
Newbury Park, CA 91320

1 – Check out our levels
  1. Youth Strings (3:45 to 4:30) – Most string players begin here. Students should easily be able to play a short work such as the Bach Minuet. Students with vibrato and third position will feel comfortable in the first violins. Average age range: 5-13.

  2. Preparatory Orchestra (4:45 to 6:15) – Experienced string players in the intermediate levels will be comfortable here. Wind, brass, and percussion players with some ensemble experience will begin here. Average age range: 8-16

  3. Symphony Orchestra (6:30 to 8:00) – Very experienced string, wind, and brass players will begin here. Symphony studies concert-level (advanced) repertoire. Average age range: 12-18.

2 – Check out and download sheet music
  1. For our open rehearsals, we will spend the most time on the friendliest piece for each level. You will be paired with a CVYO player. Towards the end of rehearsal we will read through the other pieces on the program as well. Make sure to look at the music and listen to recordings.

    Youth Strings – Mozart Symphony no. 15 Finale

    Preparatory Orchestra – Saint-Saens Suite Algerienne Finale (March Militaire)

    Symphony Orchestra – Dvorak Symphony no. 8 Finale (Movement 4)

Sheet Music Dropbox Folder and Recordings:

3 – Register for the event

Our event is free and open to anyone who wants to experience a day of great orchestral music. Whether you want to sit in with an ensemble that would be easy for you, or want to challenge yourself with a more advanced group, you are welcome to check out the program.

Current CVYO students are encouraged to sit in with the next level ensemble

Sign up for the event with our short registration form:

4 – See you soon!

Students and parents are welcome to sit in and watch rehearsals for any other orchestra. Current CVYO students are also welcome to sit in with the next more advanced group to test their preparation ahead of auditions.

We recommend reading through the material so that you are familiar with it, but mostly be prepared for a great time. 

This is a relaxed, friendly event. If there are any passages that give you trouble, simply put down your instrument and enjoy the music!

Tell your friends and classmates, and see you soon!