CVYO thrives because of the donors and sponsors in our community. The generosity of our wonderful supporters brings the music we create into concert halls, sponsors world-class guest artists for our musicians to interact with, and ensures a musical legacy for generations to come. Please consider donating to support CVYO. If your place of employment offers corporate donation matching, please consider asking them to match your donations.

Donate Directly to CVYO Here

CVYO thanks our major corporate sponsors!

Union Bank
City of Thousand Oaks
TO Arts
Oaks Christian
City of Westlake Village


Founders in Perpetuity

California Lutheran University
City of Thousand Oaks
City of Westlake Village
Lawrence P. Frank Foundation
Thousand Oaks Alliance For The Arts
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Westlake Village

Season Sponsor

Cabral Family Foundation, Joseph Cabral
The Duke Family
Weidenweber Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation

Concert Sponsor
($5,000 – $9,999)

Tim & Isabelle SottileTaline & Arden Yerelekian

($2,500 – $4,999)

Ray Brownfield
Tom & Nancy Leahy
Annica Lin & Juan AlvaJames
Ong & Linda Tseng Ong
Brian & Judy Rackohn
David & Gloria Spencer
Union Bank

($1,000 – $2,499)

Harry’s Auto Collision Group, Inc.
William K. Benson
Jeffrey & Barbara Kahn
Subhash & Krittika Karkare
Elizabeth & Brian Kuelbs
Chris Niemiec
Joyce Osborn
Douglas Ramsey
Raquel & Manish Singh
Greg & Shannon Warwar
Leann Wong & Sam Saw​

Section Sponsor
($500 – $999)

John Cheng & Tina Meng
The Crowley Family
Peggy & Donald Glynn (In memory of Melinda Brownfield)
Ronald & Sybil Goldstein
Wendy Joseph
Longbin Liu & Wen Zhou
Dianne & Philip Rammon
Margaret Travers
Xinming Cao & Bo Xu

Chair Sponsor
($250 – $499)

Cindy & Robert Kahn
Mi-Jeong Kim & Joon-Hyun Park
The Piesner Family
Lynn & Doug Wilson
Lynn & Scott Youngren

($100 – $249)

Fred Beerstein
Darrel & Mandy Chapman
Loretta Chapman
Luana Cherry
Dorie Chu
Maria & Jorge Del Barrio
Tracey Ellis
Dave Henson
Xiaojun Geng & Jun Qian
Dan Kallen
Wendy Kappen
Doug Marlin
Kwang Kwak & Eun Yu
Ernest Lauer
Simona & Eoin McDonnell
Angela Ramsey

Phyllis & Gary Rautenberg
Nona Swerling (in memory of Melinda Brownfield)
James & Jen Tsai
Alexander & Rebecca Tseitlin
Karleen Van Dyke (in memory of Melinda Brownfield)
Edwin & Cristina Velarde
George Wade
Patricia Welch
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Willett (in honor of Ray Brownfield)


($50 – $99)

Niel Armstrong
Allison Barclay
Katherine Brandon
Allene Bundt
Roderick Hori
Kritin Karkare
Jeong Oh
Kristi Phillips
Brian & Eileen Robinett
Monica & Ronald Spooner
Gail Wohlenberg
Mildred Yi
Michelle & Steve Yows


Donor(up to $49)

Mariah Benson
Karen & Richard Gatchel
Marianne Hendarman
Kevin Li
Emily Link
Angela Marvin
Cheryl Marvin
Barbara Poehls
Niki Richardson